Vertikal VRT10-ES

The batteryed scissor lift platform is quiet and convenient. It can be used in closed areas such as factories, workshops, warehouses, hotels. Powered by their batteries, the scissor platform is low noise and environmentally friendly. Its compact structure allows it to pass through narrow areas and work in small areas. The scissor platform, which can be opened and closed, can be extended according to your work area via the joystick control panel. The Pop-up Tray can be rotated to facilitate maintenance, inspection and replacement.



Working Height10m
Platform Height8m
Lifting capacity230kg
Openable Stage Lifting Capacity120kg
Length Ⓓ2.48
Width Ⓔ0.82m
Height (Closed State) Ⓒ2.33
Height (When Rails Are Storey)1.88m
Min. Platform Level Ⓖ1.19M
Platform Dimensions Ⓑ * Ⓐ2.26 * 0.82m
Opening Step Length0.9m
Height-Above-Ground / Pothole Protection100 / 20mm
Turning Radius2.3m
Speed ​​(Platform Off Status)3.2km / h
Speed ​​(Platform Raised Status)0.8km / h
Climbing Ability25%
wheelsΦ381 * 127mm
Engine24 / 3v / kW
Battery4 * 6 / 216V / Oh
Charger24W / 30A
Maximum Permitted Slope1.5 ° / 3 °

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EngineBucher (USA)
BatteryTrojen (USA)
ChargerSignet (USA)
Hydraulic PumpParker (USA)
ValveHyroforce (USA)
Traction EngineWhite (USA)
BrakeWhite (USA)
CommandDLT (USA)